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Private VPN Review

Private VPN remains among the most famous VPN options for customers around the world. Not just that, you will find this name in just about any online review of VPN services. You are compelled to think that this company must have done something right to get so much fame and such a huge database of customers. Not to mention, it likes to call itself the most reliable VPN service in the world. Is it really that? Let’s find out in this short and concise Private VPN review.

Pros of Private VPN

·         Lots of Servers

One of the things that make a VPN service great is the location of its servers. You would want to sign up with a service that has many servers in many different locations. This way, you are able to bypass regional bans pretty easily. In addition to that, you can always stream you favorite content from the server location that’s nearest to the servers of the website you are streaming your content from. With Private VPN, you have 60 different server locations to choose from.

·         Runs on Any Device

No modern VPN service is complete without proper compatibility with many devices. People are not limited to using personal computers anymore. What if you want to use your VPN on a smartphone or tablet? You will not be disappointed when you opt for Private VPN because this service is available on just about any device that you can think of.

·         Most Robust Encryption

How easy or difficult it is for someone to access your information depends on the type of encryption your VPN service has in place. You will be surprised to know that while most VPN services rely on 256-bit encryption protocols, Private VPN uses the military grade encryption and offers you 2048-bit protocols to protect your information.

·         Simultaneous Device Usage

One of the biggest issues you face with most VPN services is that they do not allow you to connect multiple devices at the same time. You are blocked from connecting more than one device at a given time. So, if you are using the VPN on your computer, you can’t use it on your mobile device. You will be surprised to know that Private VPN allows 6 different connections at any point in time.

The Con of Using Private VPN

·         No Free Service

Yes, the 30-day money back guaranty seems promising to some, but not to everyone. The company can invest in having a free version of the software to get a better taste of its services to potential customers. At the moment, you have to pay for just about any package that you sign up with while many competitors of Private VPN have their free versions as well.

Final Thoughts

The drawback of the service is not very serious. However, you have to agree that the protection of information and simultaneous connections are areas where no other VPN service can beat Private VPN. Yes, you can download and start using this service without any worries.

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