SonicWall VPN Client – What It Has to Offer

Sonicwall VPN

SonicWall VPN Client

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) has become the norm these days because people want to maintain their privacy and security when they are browsing the internet. You don’t want people tracking your every move because it can lead to identity theft and also compromise your financial information. Therefore, a number of VPN providers have cropped up in the market and are now offering their services to help you browse the internet safely. Among the various options that you will come across, one name that stands out is SonicWall VPN client. It is primarily designed for businesses that require secure remote access.

Put simply, SonicWall VPN client is able to encrypt all incoming and outgoing data for businesses that depend on remote access. What does it have to offer? Let’s take a look:

Security Features

The kind of security offered by a VPN is extremely important because that’s what most of them claim to provide. SonicWall VPN client can provide its users with a number of impressive security features, which make it a solid option for businesses. Some of its security features include:

  • IPsec based or Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption between devices using the VPN. A secure VPN tunnel is created and RSA encryption keys are used for authenticating user identities and data.
  • All users are provided with easy to manage and customize access and this allows them to enable Firewall management as well as per-app access. Centralized tools are also provided for managing all connected devices.
  • Users of SonicWall VPN client can also get real-time security updates through the SonicWall Security Center and the SonicWall Capture Threat Network.
  • Users can also enjoy specialized phishing protection for email through SonicWall Email Security and SonicWall Secure Mobile Access also provides filters for preventing malicious downloads.
  • When using this particular VPN, users can also connect it to the SonicWave secure Wi-Fi system and there are specialized options available for the hospitality and retail sector.

On a basic level, the SonicWall VPN client provides you with solid AES encryption, SSL tunneling and the option of adding forms for two-factor authentication and one-time passwords, if needed. It is possible to toggle access for different applications and groups can be created for projects and apps. Other than that, you also get sophisticated threat analysis through the VPN’s Security Center.

Apps, Installation and Deployment

Different devices are supported by the SonicWall VPN client, which include Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Chrome OS, Linux and Amazon Kindle Fire. As far as features and user experience is concerned, the VPN matches those provided with some of the top VPN providers in the market. The Mobile Connect App is used for protecting devices, but you need SonicWall’s hardware for this purpose. If you already have a SonicWall network, it is incredibly easy to set up the VPN as you just need to adjust the settings a bit.

Users can purchase licenses for anything starting from one device and going as high as 1,000 devices. There are steep discounts offered as you increase the number of devices. Moreover, you can also extend the network with additional licenses

Plans and Pricing

The SonicWall VPN client’s licensing system is not very difficult to comprehend. A gateway license will have to be purchased for as many users that need to be accommodated. The price of the license will vary as it depends on how many devices require the licensing. The cheapest package starts at $50 while those for 1,000 devices will incur a cost of $3,995. The prices are quite reasonable, particularly when you compare with other VPNs and you will find it quite cost-effective in the long run.


While the price is flexible, previously there had been complains about the speed of the SonicWall VPN client. However, those issues have been addressed by the company in recent years when they launched the updated version. There has been a vast improvement in performance because the company has boosted its server infrastructure considerably. It may not be the fastest VPN in the world, but it does provide smooth performance and speed for regular operations.

Customer Support

This is an important aspect for every business because you never know when you may have a problem. Obviously, you would want to get a solution as quickly as possible and this is where customer support plays an important role. SonicWall VPN client seems to have done quite a good job when it comes to assisting clients. It offers a number of support options to its clientele, which include a Knowledge base that’s quite well-populated, video tutorials, separate telephone contact numbers for basic customer support questions and technical issues and also specialist assistance from the PSIRT security team of the company.

This is regarded as a comprehensive range of contact resources and options. They are certainly helpful for customers when they have to navigate the process of setting up their SonicWall VPN client and adding further devices to their network. Overall, the company has done quite well as far as the support department is concerned and this makes it a reliable choice for businesses.


Even before it introduced a VPN, SonicWall was known all over the world for providing firewall and security technology for enterprises and organizations. It has been involved in the VPN sector for a long time as well. The current SonicWall VPN client gives users a flexible roster of options. They are quite easy to install and offer a number of security features that make them a solid investment for businesses. While they do require some upfront investment, the VPN is undoubtedly a good choice and gives plenty of returns. Businesses that want to establish secure remote working practices will definitely find this VPN an excellent choice for their operations.

Opting for SonicWall VPN client means that you get to benefit from solid encryption and get excellent customer support. The licensing process is also quite simple and easy to understand for everyone. It also offers robust integration with antimalware and antivirus tools and accomplishes all this at very reasonable prices.

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