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Nine years ago, AirVPN was launched as a fully free VPN (Virtual Private Network) service that had its headquarters in Italy. It didn’t take long for them to introduce a premium package that was designed to make the service financially viable. A small group of hactivists, a combination of activists and hackers, created the company and their aim was to enable people to enjoy the real internet easily. AirVPN had only 2 leased servers in April 2010 and that too because of the investments of a few interested parties, who are still part of the company. Fast forward to this year, the number of servers has increased to 200 and they are spread over 35 data centers.

This is undoubtedly a substantial network and the company is constantly strengthening their infrastructure for protecting their users and enhancing their offerings. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise to know that offering top-notch customer service to their clients is one of the primary ethos at AirVPN. They only use in-house customer service agents in order to ensure that their customer are getting the highest level of support. The majority of services that are provided by AirVPN are self-explanatory and quite straightforward.

If you do need assistance, you will find their active forums quite useful in this regard. Apart from that, the company is also dedicated to providing their customers with updates about the performance of their servers directly through their website. Moving on, the company also provides top-tier security to its clients. The location of their outside servers, which comprise of their powerful databases, has only been shared with a small number of authorized personnel. Furthermore, AirVPN also deploys additional security features on all servers in their network, which include separate entry and exit addresses. This is undoubtedly an excellent security measure that can block any correlation attacks.

Correlation attacks are common in VPNs that have a shared IP, which means it is used as both entry and exit IP addresses. AirVPN protocols and servers are also quite strong, which means that users get to enjoy the highest level of security and intruders are unable to gain access. One more appealing thing about the VPN service is that it provides some key insights into its servers to all its users. You are able to monitor the status of the network and the server uptime in real time. This status is updated every after 60 seconds on their website.

While the service doesn’t have any logging policy, it should be taken into account that they are based in the surveillance alliance. Nevertheless, they have a very strict no-logging policy and they do not keep records of any personal details, which is exactly what people expect from a high quality VPN provider. Anyone who is looking for 100% anonymity would definitely find their no-logging policy a plus point. They are just not interested in collecting any of your personal information, not even your email address. Yes, they do give you the option of adding an email address, but this has not been made mandatory.

Hence, it is up to you to decide if you wish to share it or not. Another nice touch is the fact that their website doesn’t use cookies, which means you don’t have to worry about tracking either. When you sign up with AirVPN, it gives you the option of using about 5 devices from a single account, which is more than enough in most cases. In addition, the uptime and speed is also fast, which makes it an excellent option for torrenting and streaming. If you are looking for a way to securely stream or torrent content, AirVPN is the way to go.

They have also optimized their servers for unlocking Netflix, which means geo-restricted content can be easily accessed. Netflix has implemented restriction on who can access what content, depending on what part of the world they are based in. With AirVPN, you can get around this censorship fairly easily and access all Netflix content without much hassle. You can also torrent and P2P with this VPN providers, unlike others that may not allow torrenting. This feature is not very common in most of the VPN services you will come across.

A wonderful thing about AirVPN is that they enable programmers to develop their own custom software via an API key that’s given freely on their website. They clearly explain their API so developers will not have a problem in jumping on and developing custom software that will work with AirVPN. The software can be used by people for controlling their accounts the way they want. As far as technical specifications are concerned, the VPN service provider doesn’t wish to disappoint its clientele. Therefore, they use OpenVPN, which is referred to as the best in the industry.

It is basically a cutting-edge and innovative open source technology, which is maintained by a community of programmers. AirVPN also uses 4096 bit RSA encryption cryptosystems for security. Most providers are known to use AES encryption, which is symmetrical encryption. RSA, on the other hand, is asymmetrical. A public key is used for encrypting the packets, which may come off as unsafe, but you need a private key for decrypting them thereby providing a great deal of security.

This VPN service provider also has apps for routers, smartphones and PCs running on most operating systems. Their apps are extremely easy to use and intuitive. They have a one-click and simple interface that can do all the work, including keeping track of system specifications. After you have installed the VPN, you can find their app named ‘Eddie’ easily. AirVPN offers you a free trial for testing their service or you can opt for a premium package that starts at just over $1. The company also accepts Bitcoin, which is a great way of keeping your identity under wraps.

In a nutshell, AirVPN is a robust VPN that has a huge number of servers and can enable you to browse and surf the internet safely.

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