What is the Best VPN From France and About Using a VPN in France – What You Should Know

France VPN

VPN France

There was a time when France was one of the biggest defenders of internet freedom for its people. However, the country has begun a crackdown in recent years. It may have started out as a ban on terrorism and child pornography, but it has expanded to some major censorship as a number of extensive copyright infringement laws were introduced in the country. Therefore, you will find that there are numerous websites that are blocked in France today for a variety of reasons. Back in 2016, the government in France blocked or removed a total number of 2,700 websites.

As a result, locals and travels have turned to VPN services for getting around these blocks and accessing the content they want. If you are wondering whether to use a VPN France or not, here are some good reasons to consider doing so:


If you are in France because you are taking a vacation, are on a trip or just happen to live in the country and wish to watch a Netflix original, there may be a problem. A number of websites have been restricted due to their location, which means the appropriateness of the content is irrelevant and Netflix is a great example. It is not possible to access your Netflix account in France. With a VPN for France, you can get around these annoying geo-restrictions and easily catch up on your favorite shows.

VPN for France Security

Another great reason to use a VPN France is when you are transferring sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, business documents, banking information, customer profiles or any other private data. Using a VPN ensures that you are sending all of this data through a secure network. A private network is created by a VPN that can be used for sending sensitive and private information without worrying about it being compromised.

VPN to France Privacy

If you don’t like the thought of government agencies, big brands and marketing agencies snooping on your regular internet activity, having a VPN France is certainly going to be handy. The VPN simply masks your activity and doesn’t allow the data collectors to take a look at your history or keep track of what you are doing and viewing on the internet.

Is it Legal?

Some people might get nervous when they are considering using a VPN France because they think it could get them in trouble with the law. It does sound unlawful when you are accessing websites that have been restricted by the government. But, the truth is that it is completely legal for you to use a VPN for France and it will not get you into any sort of trouble. There have been no laws introduced that restrict the use of VPN services for unblocking websites.

How to Choose a VPN to France?

Now that you know it is legal to use a VPN in France, the next step is to find a good quality VPN for this purpose. How do you do that? Listed below are some features you should consider when you are searching for a VPN service:

  • Location of server and number

As you want to use the VPN for accessing websites that are geo-blocked, you need to look for a VPN France that has several servers in the right location. The servers need to be in areas that are not geo-blocked or else there will not be a point of the VPN. In addition, there should also be a number of servers because it can have an impact on the speed you get.

  • VPN to France Speed

How fast information is transmitted by your chosen VPN will have an impact on the way you interact with everything. This includes how quickly your files will be transferred, how long it takes them to load and how quickly you can stream content. Time is of the utmost importance for business activities and it can be quite frustrating to have to wait. Thus, speed is undoubtedly an important factor to consider when considering several VPNs.

  • Security features

Lastly, when you are checking out different VPNs, you should also take a look at the kind of security features they have. The bare minimum for a VPN is to have a kill switch and encryption. It is also better to see if the VPN provides a form of DNS leak protection and you should also take a look at the logging policy it has in place to maintain your privacy.

How to Set Up?

After you have selected a VPN France you want to use, setting up is a rather straightforward process. The instructions may vary a bit, depending on the device and OS you are using, but there is not much variation otherwise. You just need to make an account on your chosen VPN and you can start using it right away without any hassle.

Best VPN France

There are some top VPN services that you can use in France or for VPN to France and they include:

  • ExpressVPN: This colossal service is known to private great speeds and no bandwidth limits. It has thousands of servers around the world and maintains a sterling reputation. There are convenient apps, a money-back guarantee and quite impressive security measures.
  • NordVPN: With 4,200 servers in the world, NordVPN is recognized for offering the best speeds. It is also possible to simultaneously connect multiple devices.
  • SaferVPN: This might be a smaller service, but it is as powerful and resilient as the others. It comes with an auto kill switch and offers bank-level security, along with 256-bit encryption.
  • ZenMate: There are lots of servers of this service around the world and it even has dedicated servers located in France for providing better speeds and quality when you are using it in the country. It is also quite an easy VPN to use as 1-click connections are offered for five devices.

These are some of the top VPNs you can consider when you are on French soil and want to get around the restrictions or simply want to enjoy some privacy when browsing the internet.

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