Private Internet Access Review – Is It Really the Leading VPN Service?

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Private Internet Access VPN Score


Private Internet Access Review

Private Internet Access is one of the leading VPN service providers today. It has achieved this status after a lot of years of improving its features and service. Now, there are many other services that consider themselves the leaders. How do you decide which one is the best? Well, read this complete Private Internet Access review to find out what is good or bad about this VPN service.

Private Internet Access – What’s So Good?

·         A Global Cluster of Servers

You will have to give it to Private Internet Access when it comes to the number of locations and servers. There are not many VPN services that have more than a thousand servers. What’s even more interesting is that Private Internet Access has more than 3000 servers scattered in more than 40 countries around the world. You can always connect to a server that’s nearest to the server of the website you want to access for fast streaming and downloading.

·         Torrenting Is Allowed

It seems Torrenting will always remain in the grey area. Of course, one cannot deny the importance of P2P sharing and its benefits. Millions of people around the world use various torrent downloading services to get their hands on their favorite softwares, movies, etc. Once you have Private Internet Access, you can access torrents with convenience.

·         Payments Are a Breeze

It has to be mentioned about this service that it is friendly not just to professionals and companies, but students as well. If you are a student, you will have no hard time paying for this service. It not some cryptocurrency, you can pay for the service through a gift card.

·         No Limits on Downloads

You will not have to fear that your VPN service will slow down after some downloads because there is no limit on that when you sign up with Private Internet Access. It offers you unmetered connection to a private network so you can stream your favorite movies or download them without any worries.

·         The Money Back Guaranty

There is a money back guaranty for you from this service. If you do not like the way this VPN works, you can change your mind and switch to a new one. You do not have to pay anything to Private Internet Access for 30 days of usage.

Private Internet Access – What’s Not So Good?

·         Very Few Server Locations

You have to agree that this service provider has a huge number of servers. However, there are other VPN services that have the same number of servers distributed in more countries. On the other hand, only 41 countries are hosting the servers of Private Internet Access right now.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot of stuff that you will love about this VPN service provider. Once you have signed up with a payment plan, you can use the software on 10 different devices at the same time. You can always browse the internet with the peace of mind that your internet activity is not being logged by your VPN service provider.

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