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·         Multi-platform support ·         Limited payment options
·         Price is great for long term users ·         Certain servers can be slow
·         Massive network of servers around the globe ·         Major package commitment right off the bat
·         Great for streaming


Despite VPNs becoming very popular in the past few years, not a lot of VPNs have been able to pass through the popularity barrier. While most people know about one or two of the most popular VPNs every other VPN service goes under the rug.

Because of this massive oversaturation, people are unable to find VPNs like CyberGhost. CyberGhost is a VPN service that offers some of the best features in the market. But you might not have heard of them, since other VPNs overshadow it considerably. So if you are looking for a good VPN to use casually, then why not try giving CyberGhost a shot.

Things to Consider before Using a VPN 

Choosing a VPN is never an easy task. Since you will often be jumping into a long term contract, you might want to gauge the waters first. Here are a few things that you should consider before you choose a VPN:

  • Their collection of servers and if it encompasses places you need
  • Accessibility, versatility, and multi-platform support
  • If they store your traffic data or not
  • If they have an automatic Kill switch
  • Their speed
  • Encryption Protocol and how well they are able to protect your information
  • Their price and their overall value for money

Reviewing CyberGhost

·         Top Features of CyberGhost

CyberGhost offers their customers with various features that make the user experience much easier. One of their unique features is the inclusion of a forced HTTPs connection. With this feature you will be able to force a secure HTTPs connection to the website of your choice.

Blocking online tracking is another great feature in their collection. With this feature, CyberGhost is able to block content on websites that may be tracking your activities online. Since most companies are becoming more intrusive when collecting data, this feature can help you keep your information safe.

Another great feature, though not unique, is their automatic kill switch. The automatic kill switch is a must have feature in any VPN, as it stops your internet connection when the VPN disconnects. This can save you from potentially harmful situations where you continue to use the internet unprotected.

·         CyberGhost Pricing

CyberGhost, similar to other VPN services, offers various packages to choose from in terms of price. Each package offers a different price per month, that reduces significantly the longer the packages lasts. They offer four different types of packages, each much longer than the last.

Their one month package costs $12.99, and is more expensive than other VPN providers. Their second package extends to one year, contrary to others that initially offer a three month or six month plan. This second package costs $3.99 every month for the remaining year.

The third package is of two years, and saves you an extra $0.50 over your one year plan. Finally, the last plan is for three years and three months, and costs only $2.25 per month. While this is the cheapest plan that you can find, it does require a substantial commitment by signing up for a three year plan.

·         Why You Should Consider CyberGhost

A major reason why should consider CyberGhost is for its strict no logs policy. Many VPNs protect your data from other companies, but will store your data themselves and use it however they please. Moreover, you will have to look for this in the fine print, as they do not openly tell you about this. CyberGhost does not log your traffic data ensuring your information is safe.

CyberGhost also keeps you safe through their high level encryption. They use AES-256 encryption to protect your information, which is the same encryption that most security companies use. This encryption ensures that you are safe as you use the internet.

Another reason why you might want to consider CyberGhost is because of its 24/7 customer support. When working with a VPN, it is only natural that you might run into trouble with the service. And when you run into issues, your first course of action will be to ask for help from the provider.

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