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IG Markets


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IG Markets Review

IG Markets
Pros Cons
Allows Hedging. High Spreads.
Trading Platforms; MetaTrader4, IG’s propriety web-trader, L2 Dealer Slow customer service response time.
Supports 17,000+ tradeable assets. The account verification process time is long.
Leveraged and margin trading.



So, you have decided to join the online trade industry. Online trading is one of the best ways to earn income from home. While you may come across some traders who lost their money to online trading, you will come across almost double the number of people who have made substantial profits. To succeed as a trader, you need to have adequate background knowledge about the basics of trading. Moreover, you also need to have supporting funds to help you get back on your feet after some inevitable losses. And the most important thing that you need is a broker that provides you with the best trading conditions and environment to trade-in. 

Things to Consider Before Signing up with a Broker

So, you need to pick a broker that provides you with the most favorable conditions for your circumstances. So, if you are a new trader, you should look for beginner-friendly brokers. If you are a retail trader, then you need to look for brokers that support retail trading. The most important thing is that the broker you choose meets your basic requirements and offers additional features that complement your criteria. So, before you sign up with a broker, test its features thoroughly to see if it is the right one for you. You should also avoid signing up with unregulated brokers because they hold more risk of scams.

Reviewing IG

·         Top Features

1.      Leveraged and Margin Trading

With IG, you can trade on a margin with all the supported assets. Trading on a margin allows you to trade with amounts more than what is available on your account. This is a great feature provided by this broker as it will help you achieve your financial goals faster. The broker offers leverages up to 1:200. This means that you can invest in assets costing $200 with just $1. 

2.      Trade Assets

You can trade with a variety of assets with this broker. In addition to being a leading forex broker, IG also supports indices, shares, bonds, commodities, options, and interest rates. Moreover, you can enjoy the facility of trading with CFDs (Contract for Difference) with all the supported trade instruments.

3.      Easy Deposit and Withdrawal Processes

As a trader, you are frequently indulged in the processes of depositing and withdrawing funds from your account. To make this process quicker, the broker offers quick and easy processes for transacting and depositing funds into your account. You are not charged any fee for depositing amounts but have to pay a small percentage when you withdraw your funds.

4.      Hedging is Allowed

This broker allows hedging which is one of the best services a broker can offer you. With hedging, you can invest in two different assets that are interrelated simultaneously. So, if the price of one asset goes up, the cost of the other will go down. This way, you will not face any major losses because the difference in the market value of these assets will reduce the gap between them.  

·         Account Types

The main account types that IG supports include CFD Trading Accounts, Spread Betting Account, and Share Dealing Account. You can choose to mix these account features into your account if you want. The minimum deposit required to activate an account is $250.

IG offers the Professional Account option to traders with a portfolio exceeding $500,000 worth of returns and at least a year’s experience with trading. Furthermore, you can register with a demo account to try all the available features and services.

·         Why You Should Consider Signing up with IG

There are many reasons why you should sign up with IG. If the above-mentioned features are not enough to convince you then maybe you will be intrigued by the cutting-edge technology of the trading platforms that this broker offers. You will be charmed by the user-friendly platforms that are packed with a variety of useful trade tools. Moreover, if you are not confident in your investment skills, you can earn money through the broker’s bring a referral program.

This fully regulated broker offers you a safe trading environment that allows you to trade with a peaceful mind. So, you should consider signing up with this broker.


1.      How much does opening an account with IG cost?

You can open an account with IG free of cost. You can also try the broker’s services through the demo account facility.

2.      Which trading platform is available for the Standard Account?

You can pick whichever trading platform you prefer as the account type does not limit your options.

Final Verdict

This broker offers many useful features to its users that contribute to them having a positive trading experience. Despite its customer support service being slow, the design of the trading platform is easy to navigate so you will not have many issues with it. You will enjoy unique services and experience a good trading atmosphere if you sign up with IG. 

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