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Neuer Capital


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Neuer Capital Review

Have you been giving some thought to trading in the financial market? A lot of people are doing so nowadays because lucrative opportunities in other markets have become quite limited, considering the current situation of the economy. Trading gives you the chance to make some quick bucks without having to wait for years and with minimal fuss and hassle. Since you can trade online, it is more convenient than ever, but the key to remember is that you have to have the right platform in order to make this venture a success. The wrong choice can result in equally big losses that you want to avoid at all costs.

The best way to boost your chances of success is to partner with a legitimate brokerage. This sounds simple enough, but you shouldn’t forget that the internet is a hotbed for different types of scams and the trading world has its fair share of them. You cannot just pick a good company out of a hat and if you don’t want to go wrong, you need to put some thought in it. The market has plenty of choices to offer and one of these is known as Neuer Capital. Located in the Republic of Seychelles, this platform was established by Expand Solutions Ltd. a few years ago and it has made a mark for itself.

Trade with a Powerful Trading Platform

Neuer Capital has been able to attract attention because of its powerful web trading platform. Even though it is quite simple and easy-to-use, this certainly doesn’t mean that it lacks in regard to features or tools. Accessible through the browser, this platform doesn’t need to be downloaded and boasts a very intuitive user interface. One of the first things to notice about it is its superior trade execution speeds. It takes seconds to execute your trades, thanks to one-click trading.

It offers advanced charting capabilities, supports different order types, shows you results in real-time, sends price alerts, give trading signals and provides the latest market news. The flexibility of the platform is also appealing, since you can access it on your mobile devices, laptops or desktop PCs, with ease.

Enjoy Diversified Account Options

Opening an account is necessary to avail any broker’s trading services and this is no different at Neuer Capital. But, the company has managed to distinguish itself here by providing access to diversified account options that have been developed for different categories of traders. This gives you room to select an account that carries the features and tools you need for profitable trading. There are a total of six account choices that you will find, nearly twice more than what others usually provide. Let’s check the options:

Basic: Minimum deposit is €1,000 and it gives access to professional webinars, education center, daily market reviews and 24/6 customer support.

Bronze: The deposit here is €10,000 and it comes with a dedicated account manager to assist traders for a month, along with junior price alerts.

Silver: €25,000 minimum deposit has to be made for this one and the account manager is now available for three months. PIA trading signals are also provided.

Gold: This account option can be availed by depositing a minimum of €50,000 and trading signals are provided 10 times a day. The account manager can provide their services for six months.

Platinum: The minimum deposit has now been increased to €100,000 and traders are given unlimited PIA trading signals. The account manager is available for a year in this account and a personalized trading strategy can be developed.

Black: This account has been developed by Neuer Capital to cater to professional traders. Signing up directly for this account is not possible, as it comes with certain requirements that have to be fulfilled. You can ask your account manager to provide details about the eligibility criteria. With this account, traders will receive invitations to top events, get exclusive position access and benefit from one-on-one training.

Make Payments Easily

Another strong reason to opt for Neuer Capital is the fact that they have made payments quite easy for their clients. It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to make deposits or withdrawals, they have provided enough options that you can go about it easily. You can choose the bank wire transfer route, which might take you a bit longer than usual, but is quite secure and effective. If you prefer a more efficient option, debit and credit cards are fully support, including Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, Delta, Diners and MasterCard. Most importantly, the company has kept up with changing trends and added online payment options as well. Hence, you can use Skrill, Neteller and SoFort for making your deposits and withdrawals on the platform without any issues.

Security is a Priority

With cybersecurity issues becoming more prominent, you would obviously be concerned when you have to share your information with a brokerage and also deposit your money. How can you be sure that it will stay safe? This is where security policies come in and Neuer Capital has not taken them lightly. The prominent AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) policies can go a long way giving you peace of mind because they have been especially developed for creating a safe environment.

In addition, Neuer Capital has also used high-end SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for protecting all personal information on their website. They ensure that no outsiders or third-parties can access this information and even if they do, they cannot understand it because it is encrypted. They have also maintained segregated trader accounts for storing the funds deposited with them. It is a way to prevent any discrepancies or misappropriation and ensures that the money is only used for trading activities and nothing more.

Apart from these features, Neuer Capital also provides excellent educational resources to their clients to help them polish their knowledge and skills. They also have round-the-clock support available for answering queries and resolving problems, thereby delivering a seamless trading experience to everyone.

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