Keeper Password Manager Review – The Most Robust Password Management Solution

Keeper Password Manager Review

Do you like to get the best of both words when you buy a solution? If you do not want even 0.1% compromise on the security of your passwords, you should definitely consider Keeper. It is one of the best password management tools on the market today. Let this Keeper password manager review help you find out the best things about this tool.

Keeper – The Best It Offers

• Use Multiple Types of Login Methods

Why should you be bound to use a particular method of logging into your accounts when you want safety and freedom? With this amazing tool, you do not have to rely on a string of numbers, letters, symbols, etc. If you want you can use your face of fingerprint for password too.

• Autofill Option for Applications and Websites

You do not have to be limited to entering automatic passwords on websites only. Today, there are more smartphone users than there are desktop users. If you use a lot of applications, you can enter their passwords automatically with Keeper.

• Lots of Storage for Your Files

Keeper offers you a secure vault where you can save not only your passwords but pictures and other information as well. It is time you take security seriously with a serious solution for your protection.

• Card Scanning

You are going to love this feature if you do a lot of purchasing online. Rather than entering the information of your cards manually into the fields, you can load them through Keeper. The best thing is that you can enter the information of your cards by simply scanning them.

• Support for All Devices

You do not have to worry if you use a lot of different devices because Keeper will be available on all of them.

Drawbacks of Keeper

Despite the great features, it is definitely one of the expensive password managers out there. There is a student discount but there is no truly free solution offered to the users.

Final Verdict on Keeper

Keeper is, without a doubt, a great password management solution. If you can get budget out of the way, it is probably the best solution you can find today.

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