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If you have decided to begin trading in the financial market, then you must be aware that the first step you have to take is to find a broker. They are your springboard into the market and there is an impressive number of these services to be found. However, choosing one can become a very daunting task because there are numerous features and services to consider. Not every company in the market can be relied upon and if you end up with an unsecured platform, it can put you in a really bad spot and result in plenty of problems during the trading process.

Hence, you have to be extremely cautious when you have to pick a company that will provide you trading services in the long-term. The good news is that not all the options you will come across are shady; in fact, there are some really reliable ones, such as Global CTB. Established in 2016, it has been offering its services in the market for the last few years and was founded by a team of former professional traders.

Global CTB Review

Global CTB
Pros Cons
Allows scalping. High minimum deposit
Intuitive Trading Platforms Slow customer service response time
Supports 17,000+ tradeable assets Does not allow sign ups from many countries
Leveraged and margin trading

Global CTB Review

Nonetheless, you still need to review it carefully before you decide to go ahead and sign up for its services. Take a look at its services below in order to make up your mind:

  • Its regulation and security

First and foremost, you will discover that Global CTB is a properly licensed and regulated firm that provides trading services in the financial markets. In accordance with its licensing and regulation, the company complies with all international regulations for ensuring transparency and security. These include the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) policies, which are useful in preventing identity theft, financial fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing. They also maintain segregated accounts for their clients to ensure their funds remain safe. Lastly, they have also opted to use high-end encryption for protecting all personal and sensitive data entrusted to them.

  • Its trading solution

Not knowing what kind of trading platform you have available for trading through a broker would be a mistake. It is their primary offering and will shape your overall experience, which means that it needs to be efficient and capable. You will find no complaints with Global CTB’s trading solution, as they have opted to add a web-based one. This means it is accessible through the website and doesn’t have to be downloaded or installed. It offers cross-device functionality, since it can be used on any device that supports a web browser. Nevertheless, it boasts powerful technology and is equipped with top-notch trading tools, such as advanced charts, price alerts, fundamental and technical analysis, trading indicators and quick trade execution.

  • Its straightforward registration

To be able to use any broker’s services, you will be required to sign up and this can often be intimidating for traders because some have a time consuming and complex process. With Global CTB, this is not something that will get in your way because they have deliberately kept their registration process very simple and easy. You don’t have to go through any extensive steps to register yourself on their website. They only ask you to fill out one form that needs only basic details, such as your name, location, phone number, email address and password. All you have to do is complete the form and you will be immediately registered. There are no other steps required and no approval waiting time.

  • Its diverse account types

Every business has a specific target market and this also applies to brokerages. Obviously, every company will be targeting traders, but what kind? Not all traders are the same. Some have experience in the trading market, while others are relatively new or may be intermediate traders. They would have different needs and these have to be addressed accordingly. At Global CTB, you will discover that they are offering their services to all kinds of traders, regardless of their background or experience. There are a total of six account options provided and each of the categories is developed for a different kind of trader. The options you will come across include Basic, Beginner, Medium, Advanced, Pro and VIP. You can go over the choices and opt for one that seems convenient.

  • Its payment methods

You are thinking of entering the world of trading for making money, but in order to do that, you have to invest money as well. For both deposits and withdrawals, you need to know what payment methods are offered by a broker. With Global CTB, you will discover that they have put together a variety of options to make payments easy and convenient for the traders. They offer a combination of both traditional and modern options to eliminate any hassle and to simplify the trading process.

In the former category, you can use bank wire transfers for adding and withdrawing your funds, which are quite secure. In the latter category, you will discover that debit and credit cards are supported, including Visa and MasterCard. They have also added e-payment solutions, as these seem to be gaining a lot of popularity amongst people these days.

  • Its customer support

Having the right kind of support can make all the difference in your trading process and this is something you will not have to worry about with Global CTB. They provide several ways that can be used by traders for reaching out to them in case there is a problem. You will find a phone number, as well as an email address, on their website that can be used for getting in touch with their representatives. Apart from that, a live chat option is also available for immediate assistance. Plus, they have also put together an FAQ section where answers to common questions are provided for quick help.

With the help of these aforementioned features and services, traders can use Global CTB making their investment in the financial markets of their choice and have an easy and safe trading experience.

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